“America's Top Publisher”

What Makes Tate The Best?

Tate Publishing is set apart by three things: the quality of our selected authors, our unique and author-focused book production process, and a lifetime of marketing for every book we publish!

The Quality of our Authors

Our authors are the best new authors in the industry, and we are looking for more! Our desire is to find new authors that desire to publish their work and partner with us to get their message to the people that need it most. Our Acquisitions Editors review thousands of submissions and manuscripts, and only the best of the best sign with Tate!

Unique and Author-Focused Book Production

The creation and production of our authors' books is second to none. From start to finish, the author plays a central role in approving all content cover to cover to ensure their book is exactly as they desire. Tate authors retain ownership to their copyright as well, so the work remains entirely in the author's name when signing with Tate.

  • Every book receives a "hands-on" edit, with all content approved by the author.
  • The interior layout ensures every author's book will be visually pleasant, and and all authors approve the final appearance.
  • Custom-designed Multimedia options for all authors.
  • We feature award-winning cover designers, creating some of the most breath-taking and creative covers in the book industry. Check out some of these samples:

Lifetime Marketing

Above all else, what sets Tate apart is the lifetime marketing we provide to all of our authors, including a marketing consultant and access to a team of publicists!

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