“America's Top Publisher”

Testimonials from authors

"Esteemed at Tate Publishing, I am amazed and thankful for the tenuous hours of hard work your staff puts in for the small price we pay! You all deserve thanks and praise. No one puts in more work for the small fee we pay up front. Thank you for giving me a genuine chance to reach as far as I can. It is my great hope to encourage all of you at Tate as you grow and prosper more and more. Sometimes the Lord has to raise you up and away from those that do not appreciate His mercy like they should. I have never been happier. I am so thankful!"

Author Wendy Chasteen

"I know in business everybody is so quick to criticize and wrongly pre-judge a company and their employees and associates and make a lot of noise but most people won't take the time to express out loud a job well done! I personally have been quilty of this myself, which is a hard thing to admit.

"I have had a couple really successful book signings since my initial Book Release Date March, 9, 2016 and the compliments received by the people attending were always concluded with numerous comments as to the quality of the product. I have been selling SoftCover books and E-Cards and can't wait until I receive my order of HardCover books which is expected to arrive any day now.

"I also want to compliment my Marketing Consultant, Cassandra Anderson and her staff for a job well done in helping me bring my book from imagination to actuality! They have an enormously difficult job in working with so many different authors and their personalities and their stories to a clear coalition between their thoughts and the actual final print.

"I look forward to writing and publishing my next book through Tate Publishing as I already know the success of the product is based on my focusing on creating the story and marketing once completed, as no one knows how to show, tell and sell my writings better than I do, and leave the publishing worries to Tate!

"In closing I want to thank you and the entire Tate Publishing Team of professionals that was responsible for my books success and for making one of my life-long ambitions a reality of becoming a Published Author."

Author Jim Worcester

"I am blessed to have had my book published with Tate Publishing in 2012. It was a great experience working with the editors and artists for my cover, and the many others involved in the process of publishing book. The Bestsellers Secrets Conference and Book Tour was another great opportunity and a testimony of Tate's values, integrity, and loyalty not only to their staff, but their authors as well. I had time to speak intimately with the CEO and executive members of Tate Publishing; it was a special honor to speak with Dr. Tate and the lovely Mrs. Tate. Several guest speakers contributed their expertise in each of their professions. We were even given tips on the nitty gritty, competitive side of marketing. However, it was not all work, our itinerary included time for play. Some of our excursions included a tour of Fox Studio, Empire State Building, and a dinner cruise to the Statue of Liberty. I must disclose the fact I am handicap and in a wheel chair. {I did bring along my son and granddaughter (16) for assistance.} My disability did not in any way interfere with any of our adventures. As a matter of fact, there were many antics with my chair. I never laughed so hard. You are in great hands, literally, having your book published with Tate."

Author Nanci Rainey

"I would like to thank all at Tate Publishing for all each of you have done for my book. While I was writing over the last 8 years I never even considered what would happen when it was completed. Even after I had spoken with Janie Hays. The book was nowhere near complete. A few years later I received an update from another person due to Jane's retirement. I was still not near completion. This is the most important part of my testimony for God and Tate Publishing.

"At the end of 2014 I was nearing the end and began to pray about where to publish. I looked at many companies including Tate. Unfortunately I had read many derogatory comments and complaints. As I prayed God spoke to me clearly and said go to Tate. I hesitated and after a while capitulated and called Tate. I spoke to Alexia Hale who I had received an e-mail from. She really knows her job well. When I went to meet with her she was out sick but I met Dr. Tate. I signed the contract and have not looked back. This company is the best. I have owned 2 businesses for 20 years + and knew that I was just starting. Writing a book is the easy part. Selling the book a different ballgame. I began to set up a marketing plan myself. All the plus items with Tate are the best help anyone can get. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Tate Publishing. God told me don't listen to the negative and derogatory, keep your eyes and ears on me. I am and for everyone who is angry, dissatisfied and upset for whatever reason, I am sorry. I was taught to always look for my part of whatever goes wrong in my life and correct my attitude and everything else will fall into place. Thank you to Alexia Hale, Dr. Richard Tate, Angel Luat and all those I have not met who have worked on my book to make it what it needed to be. Looking forward to getting my next two books finished."

Author Sue Combs-Barbour

"I have been very impressed with the service of Tate Publishing & Enterprises LLC, having suffered in the past at the hands of a vanity publisher. The staff are extremely efficient and courteous. Any issues I have had, have been dealt with quickly and although publishing a book can be an extremely stressful time, they made the process easy. Any requests have been expedited and as an author you must expect to work hard to get your name out there, whether the publisher is well known or not...perserverence and persistence will get you recognition in the end, so don't give up! I have found that Tate Publishing & Enterprises are only a phone call or e-mail away. I would recommend them for sure!"

Author A.K. Chenoweth

"Tate has been amazing to work with. I am a Christian Speaker and founder of a non-profit. The books I write are tools to be used to bless others and hopefully bring them closer in their walk with God. Tate has delivered exactly as they said they would and partnered with me along the way. I am just starting my second book with them. Thank you, Tate Publishing!"

Author Kim K

"Your staff is truly outstanding. They have made Destiny's Star so beautiful. It is a joy for me to look at."

Author Rita Giordano

"Everything was easy to understand and I appreciated being kept up to date at every stage. I had read bad reviews before and after I had signed the contract. Each time there was a bad comment against Tate I compared it to my experience. It was obvious afterward that the people who were complaining hadn't been reading their emails, website referrals, or even their contracts. Every one of their issues were forewarned to me through emails and contracts, and I have to say that Tate exceeded my expectations after reading those reviews. Everything was taken care of in a timely manner and according to the time frame in which I was given."

Author Tosha Washington

"Gerald made this process extremely easy. He was prompt with responding to my e-mails and was very courteous. I felt like I was in good hands throughout production. Any changes I requested were done without question and advice from the editing staff was very insightful and well taken. I appreciated all the input I received. I am the novice here and you are the experts. Thank you very much."

Author Trudy Stock

"Project has gone amazing well...Page proofs were outstanding. I've had many years of experience in the publishing industry (this is my 14th book) and I am also senior editor of a small publishing firm in Pennsylvania, so my comments are based on experience."

Author David S. Hereen

"Suzzete was wonderful, she kept me well informed through the entire process. I am thankful for her guidance to this point. I am normally careful in giving too much praise. But I am so glad I found Tate Publishing. Every phase of this process has been easy to understand, with clear instructions. Everyone has been wonderful to work with."

Author P.D. Fisher

"Working with Cindell Pilapil was an honor. She is very professional and easy to work with. She probably has hundreds that she works with daily, but she makes you feel as though you are her only client. I would definitely give her a rating of 10. The production stage of my book has greatly exceeded my expectations."

Author Peggy Savage Baumgardner

"I look forward to again working with Tate as I had such a wonderful experience on the first book and I do believe that you and Tate publishing are amazing and are so open and willing to helping us to make a difference. May God richly bless you."

Author Mike Rochin

"I would like to express to you and Tate Publishing how absolutely IMPRESSED AND THANKFUL I am for the amazing job you have done in putting together what has been a dream and object of prayer for many years!! Your work has so embodied everything - and more - that I imagined it could be, and I will be forever grateful for all of your efforts!"

Author Cathy Langella

"I just wanted to share my joy and gratitude for the support you, your father, Julius and the new team members I am currently working with have shown me. I am working on getting the resources secured to purchase my books for the book signing. I have been proactive in identifying and booking myself on platforms that will enable me to share my book others. Thank you for being a part of the predestined plan God has for my life."

Author Sharonette Smart, DE

"I have received a file of the finished work on my book "Name Tagging". Words are not something that can be used in expressing my great thanks for this blessing. The entire staff which I have worked with, as mentioned before, went beyond the scope of work. Their high standards and beliefs in our Lord are visible through the day to day struggle in survival of todays world. It has been a great compliment to my life and the lives of others as this energy emitted from Tate Publishing and Staff created such a positive ripple of awareness through all who, so far, have come in distance of this blessing. I hold belief that many will benefit from this work which in turn will effect the lives of others around them.

"The finished product is highly professional and completed with a high standard of professionalism as well as spiritual awareness. It is my hope that "Volume Two" will materialize through desire of audience having become aware of this first book. I remain confident that the work will bring financial success to further help Tate Publishing and Staff maintain sufficient and necessary income in continuing with all publications. Naturally I hold this hope for my self as well. Honest work from the "sweat of the brow" is His directive.

"I am in contact with Darcy almost daily bringing her up to date regarding my success in achieving the necessary funds for the New York Signing. This event is an excellent idea, the seat of literary awareness.

"Thank you again for this blessing.

"With Remembrance In His Name"

Author Gary Cole

"I have been with Tate Publishing for several years now and highly recommend them. They have gone far and beyond in guiding me and helping me out in different areas. Dr. Tate took time out of his busy schedule to personally call me on a matter. Stacy Baker is an angel sent from above. This woman has treated me like a special individual, not just another number! They have done an outstanding job in printing and delivering books on schedule around the country for book signings. They are professional, yet treat you like one of their own."

Author Victoria M. Howard

"My project manager Michelle is awesome I have enjoyed speaking to her and working with her. She is fantastic. She has made an amazing experience even better and I will always keep her in my prayers and be grateful for the hard work she has done. I know my book is in perfect hands with the amazing staff. I am very grateful to Tate Publishing and remain overjoyed."

Author Omar Hill

"My project manager Angel was very sweet and very diplomatic. She was an encouragement to me as I went through the process. I felt like I could say anything to her about any concern I had. I loved the work of the cover designer, Norman. He captured my vision perfectly. I asked for changes and he came back with the exact changes I requested. I'm so happy with the cover."

Author Diana Lesperance

"Vance (project manager) and Patrick (art illustrator) are both amazing. They give me freedom to be creative with my work and go the nth mile to make me happy. They care and they listen. What more can you ask? If I had my choice of project managers and art illustrators, I would pick these two every time. You couldn't find nicer people anywhere who care about the projects they have undertaken. Thanks Vance, Patrick, and Tate Publishing."

Author Karen Crider

"Speaking of the writer...I received a call last night from Tate Publishing audio division. I thought it was the wrong number at first ..after all it was 10 p.m. and I am a senior citizen who goes by the sun not the clock ...I am sleepy. Well his name is Michael ...so sweet and kind. A gentle soul. He is in charge of the audio on my books. He is doing the audio of Treelove and Jonathan Picklenose. Oh it was so cool to hear another person tell the story of Treelove. It brought tears to my eyes y'all. It is my story...my ideas now in a recording... so cool. This is an awesome journey. Tate Publishing is the best. I cannot say enough good things about them. No it's not Random House or Scholastic but it's Tate. God knew what he was doing when he sent me to them. I got to see for myself the inner workings behind publishing a book. That is cool! Use them they are good. I now have 5 books in the works. Just how cool is that!"

Author Valerie Kimes

"When I was considering a publisher for my manuscript, you gave me a phone call. We talked for a good while. Naturally, I thoroughly researched Tate. You gave me your personal phone number and told me to use it if encountering any problem with Tate Publishing. I am reporting to you that there were no problems.

"I sent my manuscript on 11-19-14 and received a big box of books on 4-16-15. As an expert on manufacturing efficiency, I commend your entire organization for a job well done. The cover design was fabulous and to was exactly what I wanted. I had the cover blown up and mounted on poster board and am thinking about having a bunch of tee shirts printed with it. Everything was done according to the contract, on-time, and professionally done. I dealt with quite a number of your people; all were courteous, polite, and patient with me.

"I am thinking of taking you up on the offer for a visit and (maybe) a round of golf. I am always interested in seeing new manufacturing processes."

Author Larry

"First, let me say that Eden Poncho's production team was absolutely fantastic! Everything from staying in contact, keeping me informed, quick turn-around by Kenneth on the editing, quick turnaround on the cover design that was absolutely fantastic!

"Until recently, when I received a calendar from Julianne showing author's events, I had no idea how popular Tate was with so many books and authors. I feel privileged and honored to have been accepted and approved, beginning with you, my biggest fan! : )"

Author Scott Meehan

"Tate Publishing is the finest book publisher. I am a new author publishing my second book project with is fine company. I have published with Tate, although my experience in the book publishing business may be limited, my experience in business is not. Over the past 40 years, I have worked with professionals in the USN on many different levels—private enterprises, Global maritime shipping industry, International corporations as well as mom and pop stores. I have worked as a business owner of Polars Yacht sales, As CEO as a manager and supervisor in midsize merchant vessel companies and as a Catholic street evangelist working in thousands of churches of all denominations spanning across the Globe. Without a doubt, Tate Publishing is a highly organized enterprise. I have found their staff to be highly trained and knowledgeable professionals. At every level of their organization they are, respectful, and courteous, I have found the Tate Family to be honest individuals upholding of the highest integrity. I spent 20 years in the USN I say with highest regard that they do follow contractual agreements held in the highest standards of an American company. God Bless them for their standard of supreme integrity.

"When I received my copies of Crosswalk one Nation under God I found it to be of only the finest quality. Cover to cover. Also follow on assistance is ongoing while support is 100% behind me to best help support my time, money, and overall investment I continue to place my trust in Tate's more than competent hands.

"They have treated me both honestly, and respectfully. I trust what they say. This is my second book with Tate, and as I surely plan to do God's will as an American sailor, I will submit to Tate all follow on work, because I am convinced they have their authors' best interest at heart and work for our success. Thank you Tate Publishing for being in business! It's a great comfort to know you have my back, and overall best interests at heart. As a 20 year Veteran United States Navy I salute you and God's speed."

Author Rodrick Purves

"Everything has been smooth and fun. That's the best way to describe my experiences during this entire process including the production stage. It has been totally fun as well as professional, friendly, accommodating, and great. You have an excellent business and a solid model for success."

Author Ron Shaw

"Roxanne has been most helpful and patient throughout the entire process with folks who are slow and inexperienced with the computer. I look forward to a pleasant journey finishing my book. It's a good book and with Tate Publishing's expertise I know that it will be a success."

Author June Bowen

"Cindell was like a good teacher; a little strict but very honest and patient with my delays in finishing the finished proof. I enjoyed working with her and I am thankful to her for leading me through the production process in an orderly manner."

Author Maxwell MacPherson

"My experience has been incredible. I have even had other authors contact me and I was more than happy to point them toward Tate."

Author Elizabeth Powe

"Tate Publishing is the finest book publisher I know. I am a new unknown author. I have published with others and although my experience in the book publishing business may be limited, my experience in business is not limited. Over the past 40 years, I have worked with professionals on many different levels—private enterprises, newspaper industry, telecommunications and international corporations as well as mom and pop stores. I have worked as a business owner, as a manager and supervisor in midsize companies and as a pastor in several churches. Without a doubt, Tate Publishing is a highly organized enterprise. I have found their staff to be highly trained and knowledgeable professionals. At every level of their organization they are fine tuned, courteous, respectful and, most of all, honest individuals. They do exactly as they say they will do. They have no hidden agendas. They have treated me honestly and respectfully. I trust what they say without reservation. When I publish again, as I surely plan to do as God wills, I will submit to Tate first and only hope they will consider and accept my work, because I am convinced they have their authors best interest at heart and work for success. I have absolutely no reservation about recommending Tate Publishing to any author, business professional or anyone looking to do business with an honest, first class and professional book publisher. I truly believe they set the industry standard as a top notch company. Thank you Tate Publishing for being in business! It’s a joy to know you are there."

Author Marvin “Buddy” Holder

"I feel blessed to have been selected by Tate to publish my second book. It has been a pleasure to work with my publishing partners. Each and every one of them have been supportive and kind. May God bless them."

Author George Anthony Coriaty

"Thank you all so much for your incredible talent and work. The ENTIRE process of getting "Rainbows In the Dark" published has been amazing. I have NEVER once encountered a sense of any one of you not being totally approachable and ready to help me in any way. Your attitudes have been amazing and so kind. I have dealt with many people with my various jobs in the school systems and medical office; YOU top the list!"

Author Diane Ranker-Riesen

"It has been a pleasure from day one to have had such a wonderful publishing company choose to publish my book. Out of all the publishers on the Internet, I chose Tate Publishing as my first choice and have had absolutely no regrets ever since. You and your staff have always seen fit to answer any questions I had and never with any delay. I'm a first time author and had so many absurd questions to say the least and they have only been met with polite understanding and knowledge. I have been made to feel most welcome in the Tate family and am proud of the honor. Thank you very much for this wonderful opportunity to be a part of Tate Publishing & Enterprises, LLC."

Author Deborah Guignet

"My previous 8 books were sold to major traditional publishers, and my experience with Ashley [Luckett] was as good or better than with the editors of HarperCollins, Wiley, etc. She always did what she said she'd do, and she was always on time—something I personally appreciated. She was also understanding. Most of all she was easy to work with without being patronizing or overbearing."

Author Edward F. Mrkvicka Jr.

"Everyone (and mean everyone) at Tate Publishing has been a pleasure to work with. The Tate family makes their authors feel apart of the family and not just a number within a large corporation. It is obvious that you hire those not only with a blessed gift, but those with their heart in their work."

Author Phyllis Riley

"Everyone I have dealt with, beginning with Dr Tate, have always been very positive and encouraging, unlike many of the horror stories I've heard from some of my friends who worked for years to get their book published. I am one more happy first time author whose dream has become reality with the guidance of a great publisher. Thank you again."

Author Kent Sutherland

"I would just like to take a few moments to commend your staff at Tate Publishing. Over the last year, in the process of getting my first novel published they have been most helpful to me. I love the cover of my book and the comments they made on the back page, and everything they did to make my dream come true. I also love the new book trailer they just completed. I am so pleased with how they have cooperated with me and tried to make everything perfect about the book. May God Bless You All for helping my me make my dream to reality."

Author Linda Wallace Edwards

"I am very, very thankful that you all were able to help me accomplish my dreams by ever-so-graciously publishing my first book. I know that I am just one of a MILLION other kids that wanted their books published. It's really a great feeling to know that you chose MINE—a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Thanks to the editors, illustrator, book cover designer, and all the other employees that work at Tate Publishing; this has changed my life."

Author Victoria Johnson

"Tate Publishing has made the publication of my children's book, The Mystery Of The Lost Fish one of the most exciting and wonderful experiences in my life. The people at Tate are absolutely fantastic. Thank you all so much and May God Bless You."

Author Adeline Tudyk

"I really love the website you designed for me and so does everyone else! Many of my friends have said they love it and think it looks so polished and professional. It's my opinion that every Tate author should have Tate design their website. It's amazing the credibility it affords an author. To know a company is supporting and backing an author is truly a positive way to build ones reputation in a tough and competitive writing world."

Author Teresa Winton

"I had my lawyer read over the contract. He himself is a published author, and he was so jealous of the contract they had offered. Being a teacher, I have learned to research everything I involve myself in, and I looked into many other publishers; from my findings and experience Tate was the only publisher that was pro-author. I truly believe that they are one of the few companies that actually live by their mission statement and the work of their staff reflects those beliefs."

Author Joanne Saunders

"Tate Publishing has spoiled us with consistent courtesy, professionalism, and timely efficiency. Everything you promised came through right on target."

Author Barbara Newton

"I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated the system used at Tate Publishing to keep authors on track. I have worked with several publishers on textbooks and anthologies, but your system of keeping everyone informed and on track is unique. It was always clear to me where I was in the production and editing process. At the same time, it was always clear how what I was doing fit into the overall effort to produce a quality product. All phases of the process involved excellent Tate people who provided advice and guidance every step of the way. Thank you for a very worthwhile experience. I look forward to completing this process by working with Tate marketing experts to distribute the book as much as possible."

Author Pete Mayeux

"I just wanted to thank you once again for all of your effort and kindness during the process of 'Rainbows In The Dark.' I am already overwhelmed by responses from people I know and people I don't regarding the book.

"I received a private message on my Facebook account from a gentleman sitting at a Dallas airport. He was overwhelmed and felt the book had answered something he had been praying about for a while. His pastor wants to get the book to one of their church families who recently lost a baby. I have also had beautiful thank you's sent to me from at least 20 other people who have read the book. If I didn't sell another book, I would be satisfied by the effect it has had on the people who have contacted me already."

Author Diane Ranker Riesen

"I want you to know how ultimately thrilled I have been with Tate Publishing's services, peoples, communications and developmental proceedures during the production work with my book! It would, in fact, be an understatement to simply state my intent of thanks as awesome(!) because the entire process provided me an overall unforgettable, positive, experience beyond what I can easily express. Not only was the production work completed in a timely manner, it was done speedily as well—and with no lack of quality! My team of folk who worked with me were all quite helpful, considerate, understanding, easy to talk to/communicate with, and willing to do whatever it took to complete their involved stages of work as quickly and efficiently as possible. Little lag time was involved, and things moved along rapidly... and usually even ahead of schedule! Needless to say, I am extremely happy with Tate's overall system and peoples in readying my work to be presented to the world."

Author Krystian Knight

"When Tate first accepted what I now call my 'disjointed, overindulged sloppy-copy' manuscript, I immediately praised God; but fear struck me at the same time. This was because Tate's first constructive criticism said that I had to immensely scale down my MS—which meant tons of deletions, rewrites, and restructuring. Since I was a first time author, I assumed a publishing company did this for you; which was what I was hoping for because in my school years I had never gotten above a 'C' average in English or writing classes. Unfortunately, this wasn't the case, thus, I was stressed out because I wanted my book to look professional when completed. All my concerns were unwarranted as I was teemed with my editor, Jessica Badsky. She kindly and professionally showed me how to structure sentences and paragraphs, clarify topics, use proper English and punctuations, while explaining how to begin and end chapters on a high-note. I can't tell you how many emails and phone calls we made to each other; along with the uncountable number of questions that I had for Jessica that were always quickly and graciously answered.

"When Jessica received God's calling to venture to a new career, fear struck once more as my teacher was now gone. But again, this was unnecessary because my new editor, Kalyn McAlister, was no less professional and a teacher than Jessica. When my MS reached the cover design stage, Amber Gulilat was phenomenal during the process while forming different designs based on my ideas. And when I constructively criticized certain aspects of them, Amber humbly embraced my thoughts and ultimately created a cover that encapsulates the essence of my book. As for the layout design, Lindsay Behrens work fully encompasses the term 'outstanding' in every sense of the word. Ultimately, all these people helped to make my book stand up to any accomplished author!

"Not to be forgotten is Rachael Sweeden (support staff) for getting the ball rolling on my book while also explaining how to set-up complicated formats on the computer. Also, Sunnie Atkins was insurmountable in having Tate accept my work; while also an expert tour guide who noticeably took pride in her company as she escorted me and my family around Tate's various facilities. In fact, touring the printing office while seeing how books were put together by Phil Redburn and crew simply 'blew us' away.

"Overall, I don't think of Tate's employees as being 'Those who work for me,' but as friends, partners, teachers, and most importantly...family. I thank our heavenly Father everyday for uniting us in the journey that He put me on."

Author John Bliss

"What a warm response from everyone at Tate. Since there are SO many people (smile), if you would be so kind to let everyone there know how grateful I am for working with me. For being patient, understanding, and ever gracious. I am proud to present my book and say that Tate Publishing is my publisher. Each one of you is first class."

Author Terri Arnett

"I am new to the publishing industry and have come across several publishing companies. My encounters with them contrasted with my encounters with Tate Publishing have been remarkably different. Your website was exceptional. The amount of information your website and e-mail supply is sufficient enough that I know exactly what you want, how you want it and what you plan to do with my manuscript. In comparison there are other publishing companies that have supplied me with no information, no details and no plan of action. In my opinion your customer service is number one. You returned both my e-mails and phone calls, your receptionist was pleasant to speak with and represented your company admirably. Whereas other publishing companies don't seem to really care about customer relations. They don't return e-mails, phone calls and their telephone skills are abysmal. They give the impression that my phone call is an annoyance to their existence."

Author Justin Griffin

"Thank you so very much, Melanie, and please tell everyone in your staff and company that this ride has been very, very enjoyable!"

Author George K. Chatters

"I wanted to express my heart-felt appreciation for the manner in which you and your team have conducted yourselves during the process of publishing my first book. From my first meeting with Richard and throughout the entire process I have been received professionally and warmly. Every player on your team responded quickly and exactly when they promised they would. Their work was excellent and more importantly they were extremely helpful to me as I walked through this process for the first time. As I had questions about the step I was in the middle of or about the next step everyone made this experience delightful.

"I have visited with many aspiring authors about your company and will continue to share about your service and excellence. I am filled with confidence that my book will be given every opportunity for success as we near the time when the marketing part of the process begins. Thank you for helping me build my dreams!"

Author Boe Parrish

"You and all of your staff really have done an excellent job! As a traveling consultant, I am very busy. I believe that God gave you all exactly what He knew that I needed to complete various aspects of this project. That along with your spirit of excellence and efficiency have ministered to me. I feel closer to God because of it."

Author Barbara Mays

"As a first time children's picture book writer who signed on with Tate, I will admit I was a bit nervous at the start. However, I very soon found out the staff at Tate would help make each process interesting and easy. Tate staff work on a tight timeline and at the start of each month an email would arrive with a new staff introduction and an explanation of what would happen next. Although I live in Canada, I was able through phone and email to collaborate with staff over every part of the publishing process. I was overwhelmed with the forest of information there is out there about writing, publishing and selling books. Tate Publishing provides its authors with a wealth of information, on-line and in their blogs, to continue to guide them once their book is on the market. I am now in the marketing phase of my book, and Tate staff have provided me with information that has helped me understand what an author's job is after the book is done and has provided me with realistic expectations of what to expect as I venture into what I call... the Book Jungle."

Author Sally Gilchrest-Unrau

"The administrative and supervision organizational structure at Tate Publishing is well equipped to walk you from phase to phase, perfection to perfection and challenge to challenge. The organizational structure provides the nurturing, support, and perfection needed to take your book to the level of desired manifested results."

Author Joanne Williams

"One of the parts of the process I really enjoyed was when my cover design was being birthed. Sommer Buss worked on my project and she was a delight and really listened to what I believed the Holy Spirit ministered to me as to a cover design. She brought my 'vision' to fruition. Bottom line, I truly loved watching that cover design emerge. The text is what the book is all about, of course. But, there was something about what was 'sandwiching' the words that made it a real book for me.

"I also appreciated the availability of Dr. Tate when I had questions relative to the contract before signing. My husband and I were in a three-way conversation with him one day and he afforded us all the time needed to go through everything about which I had questions. Dr. Tate was extremely friendly and conversation was not stiff and difficult. After speaking with him, I felt most comfortable that signing on with Tate Publishing was the right thing for me to do."

Author Carol Brown

"I just want to thank you for all Tate is doing for my book. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to have my work published for the first time ever."

Author Joe Cetrone

"I cannot tell you how excited and pleased I am with the whole process of getting a book published. Tate has helped me enormously in understanding the steps that have to be taken to make a work of the heart into a book. The book, within the fictional storytelling platform that God has given me, can now share scriptural insights with multitudes of people that like reading fiction."

Author Jo Ann Snapp

"I have to pinch myself to believe it! I am amazed at the efficiency and professionalism of all who I have had the pleasure of working with over the last few months. May God bless [Dave Dolphin] and everyone at Tate for this most pleasant and fulfilling experience."

Author Linda Camarillo

"I was on your premises last week to record the Audio version of The Target: The Secret to Superior Performance. I want to pass along the very positive experience I had while there. Shauna and Steven were very helpful."

Author Stephen J. Blakesley

"I want to thank and praise God for the marvelous work you have done on my book, 'Crossing the Red Sea.' Your publishing staff is great and the process was definitely worth the wait. Being a published author is a dream come true! I thank God for your professional and hard work in making this book the 'workmanship of God.'"

Author Shepherd Andrew Josh Martin

"Thanks again for your expertise, obvious artistic capabilities and guiding me through the process. I'm very thankful that [Sommer Buss] is on the 'Misty Misty Morn' team."

Author David Oaks

"I have been informed that there will be other publishers that will be very interested in my future projects. I have read my contract with Tate and I know that I can change boats at any time. Let me say this for ALL those other publishers, I'm part of Tate and they are part of my family. I'm NOT interested in anything they have to offer until Tate publishing asks me to leave. I thank God for the direction he has given me through Tate. I pray that through the next years you will continue to be blessed and that all that you do with the business is successful."

Author Leon Mentzer

"I wanted to write to you and let you know what a real blessing your entire staff has been to me during the course of making my book a reality. Each and every person I've dealt with down the line has done a completely professional and outstanding job in their respective area of work. You guys have such a first class operation, and it is obviously blessed of the Lord. I cannot begin to tell you what it has meant to me personally to have had the chance to work with you all."

Author Rick Garrett

"I received my shipment of books yesterday. I cannot tell you how humbled I was to see the final product. You all did such a beautiful job on my book. It still somehow doesn't seem real to me. It has been quite a process, but to see the completion of it is just beyond any words I could find to express my gratitude to you for believing in me and my book. I wish to thank each and everyone of you for all of your hard work in seeing this project through. Thank you all so very much."

Author Sandy Rogers

"I wanted to tell you how happy I am with my book 'Chili and Chocolate Cake!' The cover [Sommer Buss] did is just awesome! Everyone loves it! What a blessing you have been to me. Thank you so much for your part in making this become a reality!"

Author Joyce Schneider

"I was truly impressed with your staff and our treatment while in Oklahoma City. I prayed my way through the publishing maze to Tate Publishing, and I know the Lord sent me there. I am anxious to begin the work with your staff on my book, and I still have faith in Christ and your company that it will be a wonderful adventure and Cody's story will be a blessing to many. Please tell everyone there what a blessing my entire family received on our visit."

Author Raina Futrell

"I want to personally thank you for all the effort and extra attention you have put into making Terry's book possible. I am so touched by all of you and the manner in which you have handled this 'treasure' of Terry's. I feel many lives will be touched and blessed through his marvelous book."

Pam De La Porte
Wife of Author Terry De La Porte

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