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Tate Publishing Authors Receive Publicity and Market Exposure That is Second To None!

Tate Publishing is excited to announce our partnership opportunities for our authors to receive nationwide exposure through their book trailer we complete to give a visual presentation as a video for our authors. We have partnered with major online, social and mobile advertisers to deliver visibility unseen in our industry for our authors. Through our award-winning multimedia department, we are now offering full production of :15 second commercials that we will be airing on national advertising campaigns via television, mobile applications, internet content and search marketing as well as social media advertising to gain an entire new level of visibility and promotion for our books, music, and events.

And just like with the creation of their books and music, Tate authors will have a hand in the creation of their own :15 second commercials, and will be promoted so that the right audience is able to view the commercials.

Check out the spots below to see examples of Tate produced commercials:

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These are some of the partners our commercials and videos have been, and continue to be seen on, nationwide each day:

Cable TV networks that carry Tate Publishing commercials for its published authors
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