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If you have a manuscript you would like us to consider for publication and marketed on nationwide television, please fill out the following information and click the "Submit Manuscript" button. (All fields are required in order for the form to be accepted.)

If you do not have a manuscript to submit to us but would like more information on the possibility of Tate Publishing and Enterprises, LLC publishing your work, please fill out the following information and click the "Request Info Only" button.

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Please remember that Tate Publishing does not accept sexually explicit material. Therefore, you may be asked to remove sexually explicit material or language.

If you choose to submit by postal mail or electronically, those manuscripts will not be returned and will be deleted or destroyed if not accepted for publication. Please retain at least one copy of your manuscript when submitting a hard copy or electronic version for our consideration and review.

If you are under the age of 18, you must have parental approval to submit your work, and you must have that permission stated on the first page of your manuscript along with the name and contact information of your guardian.

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