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Marketing Guide Quiz

Please read the Online Marketing Guide (User name is "marketing" and Password is "service!") and then take the below quiz. Once you have completed and passed the quiz, your Marketing Representative will be notified and the release date for your book will be set.

1.Niche marketing events are:

Book signing events held in bookstores
Book signing events held in venues other than bookstores
Interviews with newspaper reporters
2.Tate Publishing sends press releases to the media about my book:

After my book's release date
Prior to each book signing event listed on Tate Publishing's events calendar
Both A and B
3.I will receive royalty statements

Once each quarter, and only if I am due a royalty payment.
Once a month
Twice a year
4.On my book's release date:

All major bookstores will have my book on the shelf
Tate Publishing will begin contacting bookstores to schedule book signing events
All the bookstores in my area will have my book on the shelf.
5.Authors will need to stock up on books right away because:

Those books can be resold by the author for a 60 percent profit margin
Authors will need to supply the books for some book signing events
Both A and B
6.I will receive my initial marketing report from Tate Publishing:

2-3 weeks after my book's release date
One month after I buy my books
One week after my book's release date
7.I can contact corporate offices of bookstore buyers and distributors about my book:

Never. Tate Publishing will do that for me.
When they run out of stock
After my book's release date.
8.Tate Publishing and my marketing representative:

Will sell all of my books for me
Will partner with me to help me promote and sell my book
None of the above
9.Tate Publishing will help me market and promote my book:

Until my marketing report is sent to me
For 3-4 months
10.Tate Publishing begins contacting bookstores about my book:

Right after I buy my books
Right after my book's release date is set
After my book's release date
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