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Every one of our authors is involved in the production process of their book. We want your input and feedback on things like the cover design and the editing process, and you will have direct access to the people working hard to make your book a reality.

Our marketing staff strives everyday to give our authors' books the attention they deserve. They work hard and partner with every author to set up book signing events, media coverage and book reviews.

Besides releasing your book as a traditional paper book, we can also release it as an audio book, audio book download (from partners like Audible.com and Apple's iTunes Store) and eBook. We give your book the best chance for success by simultaneously releasing it in a variety of formats.

Tate Publishing is not a vanity press. We do not take on every project that is submitted. We are interested in the potential in every author. With the amount of resources that Tate Publishing pours into each project, we have to be selective with the works we choose. We want your book to be a success!

It has recently been reported that over the last decade, other traditional publishers have been laying off staff and taking fewer chances on unknown writers. Tate Publishing is doing the very opposite!

Are you ready to get started? The next step is to submit a manuscript.

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