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In this day and age, information is shared from many different directions and levels. Although we believe the paper book will never go away, more and more consumers are turning to the internet, tablets and even their smart phones to get the information and entertainment they're looking for. That's why, in addition to the traditional paper book, Tate Publishing authors also have their book released as an eBook format. An eBook is an electronic version of the paper book that a person can purchase and download to read on their computer, smart phone or a stand-alone eBook reader such as the iPad or Kindle. Tate Publishing stays ahead of the curve by making available many options for selling and promoting your work. Below are other options available to our authors.

Book Trailer

A book trailer—just like a movie trailer—is a :15 second commercial for your book and is an excellent way to create excitement for your book at speaking engagements or as part of a viral marketing campaign on websites such as YouTube, or Facebook. Tate Publishing airs the commercials on national television, and has seen over 400 million views to date.


Every author should have a website dedicated to their book. Having a website creates opportunities where consumers can find out more information about you as the author, keep up to date on your events, and even communicate with you directly through a blog. Our staff can create and host a website for the life of the book where you can update the content whenever you need! We make it simple to keep your fans connected to you, the author.

eLive Audio Download

eLIVE stands for "Listen, Imagine, View and Experience" and is an exciting concept that is brand new to the industry. When someone purchases the paper version of our children's collection, the back page of the book provides a code that allows the reader to download the audio version from our website at no extra charge—increasing the value of the paper book! Children love exciting sounds and visuals, and we offer an audio book for every children's book we publish.

3D Children's Book

Children's books can also be released in a 3D anaglyph version—complete with 3D glasses—where illustrations literally jump off the page. 3D is once again creating excitement within the film and television industry, and the children's book line of Tate Publishing captures this excitement and delivers it to young imaginations nationwide.

In Summary

Tate Publishing:

  • makes your book available for purchase nationwide wherever books are sold—both through physical stores and online websites
  • produces an eBook version of your book for people to purchase and read on their computer, tablet, smart phone or stand-alone eBook reader (i.e. the Amazon Kindle)
  • adds the excitement of 3D to its children's book line
  • can produce a book trailer, using the power of multimedia to create excitement for you and your book
  • can design and host a website for your book, giving you the power to update content as needed.

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