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  •   She Does Good Hair

    She Does Good Hair
    The Hair Mavens Book One
    by Terri Gillespie

    "Terri Gillespie's She Does Good Hair is a creative, fun, and touching story that will grab hold of your heart from the first page. "

    $24.99 (paperback)

  •  Breaking Free

    Breaking Free
    by Stacy Davis

    " In Breaking Free, Peri discovers that to love and be loved truly may be the most important thing, but it's who you choose to love that matters the most. "

    $13.99 (paperback)

  •  Danger of Love

    Danger of Love
    by Maryam Tabibzadeh

    "Weaving elements of romance, poetry, cultural explorations, and concerns for women's rights into a page-turning novel of suspense, Danger of Love is as old as Romeo and Juliet yet as contemporary as today's headlines."

    $16.99 (paperback)

  •  Fate at Birth

    Fate at Birth
    My Course or My Curse
    by LaKisha Mitchell-Buffington

    "Get lost in a place where hearts are big, love is bond, and scandals abound. You'll relate to this account of a girl's encounter with lust, love, and loss. Is it the "course" she's chosen or the "curse" she was born with? Find out in "Fate at Birth.""

    $21.99 (paperback)

  •  My Heart's Song Began at Home

    My Heart's Song Began at Home
    The Family of Faith Series
    by Judy Neibergall Heusman

    "In 1862, Henry Clay Coon convinces his friend Albert to travel with him to Hamburg to inquire about passage to America on a steamship. The trip will be long and treacherous, but the men make their decisions---they will leave everything and go."

    $19.99 (paperback)

  •  The Color of Love

    The Color of Love
    Breaking The Barriers Of Race In Love And Business. SECOND EDITION
    by Kathryn S. Carrington

    "The relationship between Sherry and Warren is romantic."

    $15.99 (paperback)

  •  Through The Dark Night

    Through The Dark Night
    Second Edition
    by Joyce Morgan

    ""You should know that when the night feels very long, remember that a new day is just through the forest." "

    $21.99 (paperback)

  •  Young Love

    Young Love
    A cute love story
    by Jason Scott Connell

    "Love is very mysterious; trying to find the right one can be complicated. "

    $12.99 (paperback)

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