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  •  A Violent Dialogue With God

    A Violent Dialogue With God
    Finding Peace after Losing My Son
    by Kathleen Williams

    "The only thing certain about life is uncertainty. "

    $7.99 (paperback)

  •  Always a Little Heathen

    Always a Little Heathen
    by Ron Bay, Jr.

    "Vicki finally broke the silence and said, "Well, I guess I'll go inside now." She seemed to be disappointed. "Okay. Have a good night. I had fun," was all I could come up with."

    $23.99 (paperback)

  •  Dream Catcher

    Dream Catcher
    Sequel to Collecting Dreams
    by Sue Whitmer

    "Kelly's efforts to start an existence in San Francisco are hampered by pleas for help from her sisters in Kansas. Life at times seems cheerless with no family around. Will she find a glimmer of hope by reconnecting with an old companion and befriending a young woman who needs help? Find out in Dream Catcher."

    $12.99 (paperback)

  •  Fhotos of Fatherhood

    Fhotos of Fatherhood
    Every Dad�s Journey from Ordinary to Extraordinary
    by Jay R. Hodge

    "From puddle jumping to college graduation, author Jay Hodge delightfully catches the small instants of childhood and fatherhood, and reminds us to savor the simple moments of daily life with our family."

    $11.99 (paperback)

  •  Happily Never After?

    Happily Never After?
    by Helen Wilson

    "It's been said that you can't extinguish a problem until you distinguish it. Happily Never After? sheds light on some destructive dynamics and relational patterns commonly experienced by wives. "

    $13.99 (paperback)

  •  Hello, My Name Is_____

    Hello, My Name Is_____
    by Josslyn McClung

    "Sadie Babcock never knew she didn't exist until she was fifteen. "

    $21.99 (paperback)

  •  Late Nights on the Straight & Narrow

    Late Nights on the Straight & Narrow
    by Alana Brown

    More information will be available soon.

    $9.99 (paperback)

  •  Mommy, Where'd I Come From?

    Mommy, Where'd I Come From?
    by Chezarae Shoup

    "Mommy Where'd I Come From is the tender story of the love that blossoms inside a mother's heart while her baby is growing inside her."

    $8.99 (paperback)

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