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  •  A Closer Walk

    A Closer Walk
    Applying the Word and Prayer to Daily Living
    by Wayne Golden

    "For a moment of reflection. Before the start of a busy day. When life's burdens seem too much to bear. When you long to draw nearer to God."

    $12.99 (paperback)

  •  Make Your Moments Count

    Make Your Moments Count
    Victorious Living Collection 30 Day Devotional
    by Sarah Beth Lindberg

    "This book will be a treasured keepsake on your bookshelf for years to come, as you learn what it means to Make Your Moments Count and maximize the time you''ve been given with your children! "

    $12.99 (paperback)

  •  The Young Adult Devotional

    The Young Adult Devotional
    by Adrienne Reed

    "Are you between the ages of 18 and 30? Do you find yourself making a lot of mistakes or poor choices? Is life just not going the way you planned? Yeah, I know, it really stinks."

    $13.99 (paperback)

  • "I AM" Calling
    Daily inspiration for your mind, heart and spirit
    by Anita Estes

    ""I AM" Calling is a lifeline of hope for the discouraged and a call to experience God. The daily readings provide a word of encouragement and inspiration from the heart of God to yours."

    $16.99 (paperback)

  • 100 Everyday Devotionals for the Father's Daughters

    100 Everyday Devotionals for the Father's Daughters
    by Barbara Anne McLeod

    "I heard God whisper in my ear, "I can love you like that." As women, God has placed in us the desire to love and be loved. Even if we're blessed to have a prince charming, he will never be enough because God has put within each of our hearts a place that can only be filled completely by his great love---which is the greatest love of all."

    $30.99 (paperback)

  • 12 Battles Every Woman Must Win

    12 Battles Every Woman Must Win
    Ancient principles for modern day victories
    by Rita Tate

    "'12 Battles Every Woman Must Win' is a must have for every Christian woman determined to be the strong, woman-warrior God created her to be."

    $12.95 (paperback)

  • 25 Miles to Touching the Heart of God

    25 Miles to Touching the Heart of God
    by Christel Lim

    "25 Miles to Touching the Heart of God is an easy-to-read book that simplifies profound and eternal concepts for teens who are searching for answers."

    $10.99 (paperback)

  • 30 Days

    30 Days
    A Devotional for New Relationships
    by Marcie Lynn

    "'First 30 Days: A Devotional for New Relationships' is designed to be the first book in a series aimed at people in different types and in different stages of relationships."

    $9.95 (paperback)

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