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  •  A Miraculous Journey

    A Miraculous Journey
    by Mariscott Lacy

    "Join Mariscott Lacy as she shares with her grandchildren a glimpse into her Journey of miracles and of coming to know God. "

    $14.99 (paperback)

  •  A Pebble in a Pond

    A Pebble in a Pond
    Life is an adventure The journey is full of drama - good and bad And like the words we say...the actions we take and the decisions we make, create ripples... Just like throwing....
    by Layne T. Oliver

    "It's the 9th of August 1990. The sky is clear, and the view from Mount Agassiz East Ridge in Utah's High Uintah Mountains is stunning, several lake-filled basins were in full view. Suddenly the air explodes. A bolt of lightning struck Layne Oliver in the back of the head, hurtling him twenty feet down the two hundred---foot cliff face of Agassiz's East Ridge. "

    $25.99 (paperback)

  •  A Victorious Journey

    A Victorious Journey
    by Michael Rochin

    "Do you have diabetes? Are you curious about the complications that may arise from it? Do you believe in miracles?"

    $13.99 (paperback)

  •  A Violent Dialogue With God

    A Violent Dialogue With God
    Finding Peace after Losing My Son
    by Kathleen Williams

    "The only thing certain about life is uncertainty. "

    $7.99 (paperback)

  •  An Unconventional Love Letter To The LGBTQ  Community

    An Unconventional Love Letter To The LGBTQ Community
    Exposing The True Enemy
    by Jessica A. Newsome

    "As I lay in my dream state, paralyzed, unable to speak or move, yet knowing what is going on in the natural, I tried my best to say, "Jesus." As I fought for words, and before I could get His name out, I felt something like a wave go through my body that came from the demonic spirit. Right after that happened, I got the name of "Jesus" out of my mouth. Immediately the paralysis broke, and I was able to move."

    $13.99 (paperback)

  •  Because I'm A Mother

    Because I'm A Mother
    by Nancy Mulloy

    "One mother's story of her heartbreaking and hard-fought ten-year journey through many of life's greatest challenges and her struggle to find happiness again."

    $15.99 (paperback)

  •  God's Unfailing Love

    God's Unfailing Love
    by Brenda Miller

    "Do you, like most of us, fight the battle of fear of the unknown, doubt, distrust, and other destructive thoughts and attitudes? "

    $13.99 (paperback)

  •  I'm Good:  My Struggle, My Fight, My Breakthrough

    I'm Good: My Struggle, My Fight, My Breakthrough
    by Sophia Williams

    "There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and Sophia is the living proof."

    $14.99 (paperback)

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