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  • A Lesson Before Teaching

    A Lesson Before Teaching
    by M. Alayne Sullivan

    "This book tells a story of literary engagement; it documents the emotions and struggles that students of diverse identities had when reading Ernest Gaines great classic novel, A Lesson Before Dying."

    $26.99 (paperback)

  • A Lesson in Big and Small

    A Lesson in Big and Small
    Starring Brutus and Bella
    by Bianca G. Rell

    " Truly to them, size has no place in the doggy world. It is all about attitude. "

    $9.99 (paperback)

  • A Letter 2 Jesus

    A Letter 2 Jesus
    by wordz

    "A Letter 2 Jesus, if you've ever had hard times in your life such as poverty or even an illness, you would love to hear this album because Wordz has been and made it through all the above. If you love hip hop as well as God, you're going to love this down to earth. So get A Letter 2 Jesus right now!"

    $13.99 (music CD)

  • A Life Less Interrupted

    A Life Less Interrupted
    A Novel
    by Ariel Driskell

    "Haunted by the memories of a lost love and the life she was supposed to have, Sharice is once again on the run from love. Soon she finds herself falling for a man who promises to take away all of her pain, and she wonders if it is time to stop running."

    $19.99 (paperback)

  • A Life of Communion

    A Life of Communion
    by Lee Hedstrom

    "Today, as never before, the Church needs to know 'in Whom' they have believed. This study examines the need for intimacy and fellowship with God and knowledge of ordinances such as Baptism and Communion."

    $10.95 (paperback)

  • A Life of Promise

    A Life of Promise
    Surviving Adversity through Faith
    by Dorathea Fortener

    "At one time or another, most Christians have questioned whether God is real and if he cares at all. These are easy questions when life looks dim."

    $23.99 (paperback)

  • A Life of Significance

    A Life of Significance
    by Cammy Walters

    " The God of the Universe has created each of us to be significant within our own spheres of influence."

    $16.99 (paperback)

  • A Life Packed Full

    A Life Packed Full
    Exciting Stories
    by Dr. Frankie O. Phillips

    "The stories in A Life Packed Full were told by a man on a mission. He had been an evangelist and pastor before he became a missionary with a passion to translate and distribute the Bible for language groups that never had a printed language."

    $19.99 (paperback)

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