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  • For God's Glory

    For God's Glory
    by Tajh Marquel

    "Tajh Marquel's new album, For Gods Glory, is a compilation of powerful songs that will take you from jumping and dancing to on your knees in worship. This album is completely to the Glory of God and his Son Jesus Christ. For Gods Glory will bring to new light the joy and strength of the Christian's walk with Christ as well as tribulation. Holy Ghost filled, this album is something real for the spirit! "

    $13.99 (music CD)

    $0 (digital download)

  • Dipped in Blood

    Dipped in Blood
    by Enlightened

    "Enlightened is a one man band, the talented singer/songwriter Bobby Jeffries from New Port Richey, Florida enlightened by Jesus Christ. This outstanding CD presents a unique blend of the rock genre. A classic rock feel with a modern day sound and a little alternative leaving listeners wanting more and wondering what's next. "

    $13.99 (music CD)

    $0 (digital download)

  • Believe in Yourself

    Believe in Yourself
    by Kashaka & Sauda Olukayode

    "Kashaka & Sauda the talented husband and wife duo singing sensation, will blow you away with their new CD Believe in Yourself; their smooth harmony and strong vocals will make you fall in love with their new CD"

    $13.99 (music CD)

    $0 (digital download)

  • How Jesus Says Goodnight

    How Jesus Says Goodnight
    by Michael Cattafi

    "I am a Christian and I love Jesus."

    $8.99 (paperback)

    $7.99 (digital download)

  • Mama's Country Cooking: Easy Recipes & Memories

    Mama's Country Cooking: Easy Recipes & Memories
    by Margie Robertson-Toone

    More information will be available soon.

    $22.99 (paperback)

    $15.99 (digital download)

  • He's Real

    He's Real
    by Ivan Fletcher

    "This debut album is packed full of hot dance tracks, smooth r&b mid tempos and beautiful ballads. His style is urban, r&b gospel with a little hip hop flavor. If you are a fan of Fred Hammond, Kirk Franklin, Mary Mary or J Moss, then you'll really enjoy this album. This album will appeal largely to a young audience and the young in heart."

    $13.99 (music CD)

    $0 (digital download)

  • My God Is Great

    My God Is Great
    by Cyrus

    "Beautiful music that feels mainstream but is totally Gospel. New generation Gospel at its finest."

    $13.99 (music CD)

    $0 (digital download)

  • Heart Attack

    Heart Attack
    by Jasmin Palo

    "Nathan Stone, a whiskey-loving private detective wakes up in a hospital with a concussion and a memory loss. "

    $14.99 (paperback)

    $10.99 (digital download)

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