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  • Can I Keep Him

    Can I Keep Him
    by Elizabeth Stevens

    ""Can I keep him?" If you're a kid or you've spent a lot of time with kids, this request should sound familiar. More often than not, it's a sincere desire to have the animal as a pet or save him from further harm. This appeal is admirable, but what if the desire to rescue all God's creatures goes a bit too far? "

    $10.99 (paperback)

    $7.99 (digital download)

  • Coral - The Chosen One

    Coral - The Chosen One
    by B.T. O'Hare

    "Coral had many new things to learn not only about her new environment but also about herself, her family, and why they had come to this particular place. As the Chosen One, Coral will soon find out about her own magical abilities. She will encounter evil witches, a warlock, another world, a portal in her attic, a strange picture in her mother's bar, and fairies."

    $17.99 (paperback)

    $13.99 (digital download)

  • Izz of Zia

    Izz of Zia
    by Tom Icon

    "Izz of Zia is the first novel of a trilogy that can be interpreted on two separate horizontal strata: as an exciting fantasy-action adventure or as a deeply spiritual saga."

    $29.99 (paperback)

    $15.99 (digital download)

  • J.F. MAM and  J. JASON, his Dog

    J.F. MAM and J. JASON, his Dog
    All the Months of the Year Made Easy!
    by I. M. MCNEIL

    "In J. F. MAM and J. JASON, his Dog, author Maxine McNeil shares a unique and fun way to learn all the months of the year. You'll even be able to remember which month is first, which month is last, and even which month is hot! "

    $14.99 (paperback)

    $10.99 (digital download)

  • Cognition Theory

    Cognition Theory
    by James Harris

    "Cognition Theory is a philosophy book pertaining to spirituality, economics, politics, and science."

    $21.99 (paperback)

    $15.99 (digital download)

  • Funk It

    Funk It
    by Glenn Bryant Band

    "Want to dance? Listen to the fantastic new CD "Funk IT" by the Glenn Bryant Band. You won't want to sit down!!!!"

    $7.99 (music CD)

    1. Funk It
    2. Funk It
    3. Spooky Love
    4. Love
    5. I Want Your Love
    6. I Want Your Love
    7. Give it up
  • Reclaiming Repentance in the 21st Century Church

    Reclaiming Repentance in the 21st Century Church
    by Larry A. Combs

    "Modern Christianity, with its ever-changing paradigms, has left confusion in the minds of many people concerning repentance. Repentance is a timely and urgent message for the church today."

    $17.99 (paperback)

    $13.99 (digital download)

  • I Now Pronounce You ______________

    I Now Pronounce You ______________
    Loving Our Wives As Jesus Loves the Church
    by Jeff Grisham

    "In I Now Pronounce You _____, we will take a look at how our identity in Christ informs our identity as a husband. "

    $10.99 (paperback)

    $9.99 (digital download)

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