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A few titles just released

  • Prodigal Son

    Prodigal Son
    by Tre80

    "Inspired by many greats such as Dc Talk, Toby Mac, Fred Hammond, Commission, and 2Pac, and Snoop Dogg, Tre80 is a rapper & producer who combines both contemporary, street and old school sounds with his unique wordplay to create a storytelling feel while expressing the messages of his heart. The lyrics are inspired, and the music is motivating. His newest album Prodigal Son, is sure to both inspire, motivate and move many with his Spirit filled message."

    $13.99 (music CD)

  • Transition


    "DRESSLAR's debut album, Transition, is a return to a rock sound missing in the current musical landscape. In an era of electronic overload, Transition harkens back to the '00s garage-rock renaissance, but with an updated sound. With its punchy guitars and fervent vocals, this album is a welcome reprieve from this era's inundation of computer-generated music."

    $13.99 (music CD)

  • Will Today Be The Day

    Will Today Be The Day
    by Joy Stewart

    "Joy Stewart's new album, Will Today Be The Day helps to share Joy's outlook on life and encourage Christians as well as non-believers. We all struggle with daily life, blame, sadness, regret; it's time to move onward and upward and be more effective for Christ!"

    $13.99 (music CD)

  • Scriptures

    by Jonathan Mack and the Crusade Ensemble

    "Jonathan Mack and the Crusade Ensemble's sophomore gospel album entitled, 'Scriptures' is a powerful compilation of songs influenced by the Holy Bible that will liberate, encourage, and provoke you into worship."

    $13.99 (music CD)

  • Deadwood

    by Jeff Kelley

    "The Jeff Kelley album "DEADWOOD" is power packed with God inspired Love! The "Jesusman" (as his fans have come to know him ) is sharing his intense love for God on this album! Songs like "All of me", "Alone" and "Feeding Time" bring the listener into intimacy with God."

    $13.99 (music CD)

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