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A few titles just released

  • Rise Up!

    Rise Up!
    by TaraLyn Glanz

    "TaraLyn's debut album, Rise Up!, is a compilation of powerful songs that will take you on a journey of personal growth and discovery from overcoming old mindsets to dancing in the face of fear and rising up no matter how many times you've fallen. Rise Up! will encourage and inspire listeners to keep going and never quit no matter what life throws at them."

    $13.99 (music CD)

  • A Peace of the Past

    A Peace of the Past
    by Heidi Kinnamon

    "Heidi Kinnamon delivers seven classical arias that will move you with the power of Love, Love lost, love found, love endured, love given up, love new, love old, love bored, love excited, love died, love born, love taken, love given."

    $13.99 (music CD)

  • Loved The Hell Right Out of Me

    Loved The Hell Right Out of Me
    by Cody Dell

    "You will love the passion and emotion delivered in this awesome country crooner's vocals! This single is predicted to be one of the next hottest wedding/anniversary songs of the year!!!"

    $3.99 (music CD)

  • Epiphany

    by RAVISH

    "Beyond the Christmas Dream answers the Question? What is Beyond the Christmas Dream; a rockin' Christmas album celebrating what Christmas is all about. "

    $3.99 (music CD)

  • Smooth Melodies

    Smooth Melodies
    by Steve Ryan

    "Smooth Melodies is the perfect album to add to your music collection. The music and lyrics touches your heart and soul. The live feel of this album will put in the front row seat as you enjoy the concert of ''Smooth Melodies.''"

    $13.99 (music CD)

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