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A few titles just released

  • Shall We Burn Under the Stars: Live from Las Vegas, Volume 1

    Shall We Burn Under the Stars: Live from Las Vegas, Volume 1
    by Jimmy Mulidore

    "Pacific Jazz goofed and did not release this sensational set of CD's. So after receiving this treasure of amazing playing, Jimmy Mulidore decided to share this with you. So sit back, chill and get ready to treat your ears to some of the finest jazz ever heard on this planet. We give you the Jimmy Mulidore Jazz Sextet."

    $16.99 (music CD)

  • Jamming in Las Vegas

    Jamming in Las Vegas
    by Jimmy Mulidore

    ""Sometime ago in Las Vegas, Phil Woods and Jimmy Mulidore (Muldoon) were doing what they were born to do, playing Be-Bop and beyond. This was not a prepared recording session, just tow altoists in the presence of jazz lovers. Woods and Muldoon had met at an ABC broadcast while Jimmy was playing with the Billy May Orchestra. Phil invited Muldoon to sit in at the Pink Elephant Jazz Club in Brooklyn. Their paths crossed again in Los Angeles and eventually to this music summit in Las Vegas.""

    $16.99 (music CD)

  • The Arrival

    The Arrival
    by Speak - EZ

    "Speak-Ez has his own sound."

    $7.99 (music CD)

  • How's This?

    How's This?
    by London Missile

    "London Missile's "How's This?" falls in line with bands like Anamanaguchi and They Might be Giants mixing nostalgic 8 bit with pop/rock instrumentation and structure. Melancholy and upbeat, "How's This?" is fun and danceable with somber overtones."

    $13.99 (music CD)

  • Songs From Apt.316

    Songs From Apt.316
    by E. Pettersen

    ""Amazing E. Pettersen is a dynamic performer with a powerful voice. His passion for the music and the message captivates the listener. Comparable to the likes of Michael W. Smith and Steven Curtis Chapman, the original music on his newest album "Songs From Apt. 316" is beautiful and inspiring.""

    $13.99 (music CD)

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