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by Kevin J. Bitter Sr.

One morning, Gavin was blindfolded, walked over to a ladder, and told to climb up. At the top was a landing, and from which he was escorted and strapped into a seat in a large tank resembling a fifty-five gallon drum as it lay on its side. The drum hung suspended high above an Olympic-sized swimming pool. He was allowed to raise the blindfold for a moment to memorize his surroundings and then had to put it back on. Then the instructor pushed a button from the platform, releasing the tank, and immediately Gavin and three others were dropped into the pool below. The drum rotated and then sank to the bottom.

What happens when around every turn in your life you find more trouble? If you're Gavin, you dive headfirst into that trouble and see where life takes you. But after all the adventure and mischief, even Gavin knows that one day he's got to grow up.

Told with simplistic brilliance, Gavin's Caper is a rollicking, coming-of-age tale that will have you in tears when you're not poised on the edge of your seat.

The story is true, as best as author Kevin J. Bitter, Sr. can recall it. It is his story --- he lived it, and struggled to find the light of Jesus in his life. He would not have survived without the Lord's help.

376 pages - $26.99 (paperback)

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