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Finding Faith in the City Care Forgot

Finding Faith in the City Care Forgot
by Teena Myers

Do you wonder if God still intervenes in human lives? Can he heal us spiritually, mentally, and physically? Will he give us hope, direction, peace, protection, and encouragement?

In the poignant and heartfelt Finding Faith in the City Care Forgot, author Teena Myers delves into the lives of New Orleans natives and visitors to demonstrate how God's grace and mercy are still alive and well. Observe God's divine power at work in the lives of his children, as well as the unconditional love he pours over us all.

'The greatest teacher of all times, Jesus, used stories to illustrate scriptural truths. Teena has gathered a selection of human-interest stories that clearly demonstrate the mercy and saving grace of God. This is a wonderful collection of faith-inspiring stories that should be in every library.'

Rev. Douglas E. Fulenwider


Louisiana District of the Assemblies of God

'New Orleans is a city of characters. Teena Myers has chronicled the stories of many of them in this book and, in the process, has shown what a rich gumbo is this stew we call the Crescent City. I'm so glad to be one of the crabs she dropped into the pot!'

Dr. Joe McKeever

Preacher, Cartoonist, Retired Director of Missions for the Baptist Association of Greater New Orleans

'Teena's collection of stories confirms we have a diverse God who loves a diverse people in diverse ways. The stories affirm that God's hand is often unseen but always there for those who seek him. Heartwarming!'

Rev. Rob Blakney

Faculty and Dean for Student Success

Southwestern Assemblies of God University

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