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The Devil's Glove

The Devil's Glove
by Cousin Vinny

Dispirited by years of disappointment, Minor League Baseball player Billy Green summons a mysterious stranger who promises to help him cheat his way onto the big stage of Major League Baseball if he lives up to the terms of a nefarious agreement.

At first, Green complies but later reneges, creating the catalyst that propels the action forward in this modern day morality tale that pits God versus Satan in a battle over the soul of an innocent boy who stumbles across Green's cursed baseball glove. A timeless tale that will renew your faith in God and human nature.

"Part inspirational, part cautionary, and a whole lot of baseball, The Devil's Glove promises to delight readers with its language and plot."

---Sun Herald

Biloxi and Gulfport, Mississippi

"His knowledge of coaching and baseball makes the plot all the more compelling."

---The News Times

Danbury, Connecticut

"It's an easy and entertaining read and has garnered much kudos on Amazon and Facebook."

---Omaha World Herald

Omaha, Nebraska

388 pages - $24.99 (paperback)

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