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Mark of the Corripian

Mark of the Corripian
by B.H. Parker

Hundreds of years from now, humans survive on the planet Macathia, where they have each developed a unique power

called an Ability. These humans are separated into two societies, Solum or Kedesh, depending on their type of Ability. The land outside the two countries is occupied by the Kairian race, who has inhabited Macathia from the beginning.

Zenia was trained by her father from a young age to skillfully utilize her Ability and to defend herself from an attacker, but none of those teachings matter after she witnesses a brutal murder outside the strict borders of Solum. Forced to leave her home, she is placed in the seemingly capable hands of a knowledgeable, albeit secretive, young

man. He may be the only one capable of keeping Zenia alive, but he seems to be following an agenda of his own.

Xavier doesn't remember leaving Kedesh or joining his current agency in Solum. All he has are a dog tag with someone else's name on it and an eerie tattoo on his right arm. So when the opportunity arises to recover his forgotten memories, Xavier decides to take a chance, even if it may be a trap and may mean placing the life of an innocent Solumian girl in danger. Is reclaiming his forgotten memories worth the death of one girl?

Amidst it all, an ancient prophecy foretelling a war between the human and Kairian races is coming true, and the only one able to save the world from its ultimate destruction will bear the mark of the Corripian.

380 pages - $17.99 (paperback)

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