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No Matter What

No Matter What
by Summer Howard

When Ellie has to move to a new town, she's bummed. But it helps that one of her very best friends happens to be moving to the same town. With the first day of school approaching, Ellie worries she won't make any friends.

Little does she know her life is about to turn upside down when she meets mysterious Jayden. Things quickly turn from friendship to more with a little encouragement from her friends. Ellie can't help but notice there is something off about Jayden. He misses a lot of school, is super secretive, and seems to be getting skinnier every day.

Whenever Ellie brings it up though, her boyfriend tells her he's fine; until one day it can't be ignored anymore. Will Ellie be able to figure out what's wrong with Jayden in time to save him? Will she be willing to stick by his side No Matter What, even though the news is more than a teenager should bear? Can this young love survive something even the longest marriages sometimes can't?

224 pages - $14.99 (paperback)

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