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31 Rays of Hope

31 Rays of Hope
A Month of Daily Devotionals
by Hollie Marie

Prince of Peace. The Morning Star. The Son of God. Emmanuel. I AM. Lord. Alpha and Omega. These are just a handful of names that our Savior, Jesus Christ, is called through the Holy Word. He is of the utmost importance to everyone, everywhere; whether they chose to accept it or not, He is everything.

Spend a month with Hollie Marie as she walks you through these modern, easy-to-read, daily devotionals, such as 'Better than Cupcakes,' 'Shoe String Sanity,' and 'Fruit Salad Trumps Fruit Cake.'

With topics like being faithful, thankful, and loving, Thirty-One Rays of Hope is an inspiring read on how to be a better Christian, person, and Jesus freak, even if imperfect. While using real-life examples, biblical text, and personal experiences, Hollie has created a down-to-Earth book that will not only get you more familiar with and comfortable opening your Bible, but showing that living as God desires is one of the most rewarding things in life.

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