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Proverbs in Rhythm & Rhyme

Proverbs in Rhythm & Rhyme
by Patricia Mills Hofler

Those who find Solomon's book of Proverbs a tedious undertaking to read will find Proverbs in Rhythm and Rhyme to be a delightful experience. Patricia has translated the thirty-one chapters of Proverbs into easy-to-understand poems, which makes analyzing and understanding Proverbs a simpler task for the modern reader. The verses have a lyrical quality that makes them fun and easy to memorize. The poems can also be applied to music, making them perfect for Sunday school classes and Bible study groups. What better way to instill God's instructions in ourselves than to have fun while learning them? Proverbs in Rhythm and Rhyme will lure the serious Christian to follow up with even more contemplative study of the Bible, as Proverbs is only the beginning of Solomon's beautiful Old Testament poetry.

Whether you are an avid lover of poetry, want to study Proverbs for its practical applications, or are just delving into Solomon's writings, Proverbs in Rhythm and Rhyme is sure to be an enjoyable read that will bring you closer to our heavenly Father.

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