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Breaking Ground

Breaking Ground
The Horeb Anomaly
by Robert J. Cornell

The paradigm must be preserved...

There are questions about human history that have never been answered. There are episodes of our past that have never been revealed. And there are people who will fight and die to keep it that way.

In Breaking Ground---The Horeb Anomaly, a wealthy businessman, Victor Finn, discovers a scroll written in an unknown language. Finn recruits the help of Holly Webster, an expert in ancient languages, and Jack Butler, a former special-ops officer, to investigate the meaning of the scroll. The scroll offers clues to the location of an artifact of immense power, the Perfection of Paradise. Jack, Holly, and a crack team of scientists and former military personnel travel to the lands of Exodus in search of artifacts and knowledge that will change humankind's view of its history forever.

But there is a group of people who will do anything to make sure the Perfection of Paradise never sees the light of day. A mysterious faction called the Brotherhood sends operatives to follow Jack and Holly's team. The Brotherhood will stop at nothing to make sure that the current historical paradigm is preserved. Will Jack and Holly find and save the Perfection of Paradise and reveal long-kept secrets about humanity's history? Or will the Brotherhood continue to suppress historical knowledge and preserve the paradigm?

360 pages - $25.99 (paperback)

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