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My Jesus and Me

My Jesus and Me
by Lola Wert

When I was a boy

lying still in my bed,

scary thoughts and scary pictures

running all through my head,

I would be so afraid

I didn't dare make a move,

for fear scary things

may come into my room.

What do we do when we're afraid? How do we find comfort when our imaginations carry us to places of fear? To whom do we turn when shadows in the darkness turn into images of frightful beings? In this poetic tale, new author Lola Wert reveals the answers to these questions in My Jesus and Me, a story of hope and faith for even the youngest reader. Children of all ages will be encouraged, refreshed, and comforted as they find that the answer to life's problems is found in only one place: Jesus.

'This is a great story; beautifully and simply written. Every young child should have this book.'

Jon Bekemeyer, Sr. Pastor

Grace Community Church

Clermont, Florida

'What child hasn't had scary thoughts that got in the way of a quiet night's sleep? My Jesus and Me reminds the child in all of us that we need never be alone. This author knows children and has a heart for the hurting that speaks in this narrative poem of Christ's love and protection.'

Mary Smoot

Educational Consultant

Clermont, Florida

'As a mother of four, I know the fear that can overtake a child when the lights go out or they are awakened in the middle of the night by a bad dream. This book is perfect to read to little ones, because it addresses the perfect solution for nightmares...Jesus. The Gospel message is presented in a way that young children can understand.'

Mary Lancaster

Christian School Teacher

Clermont, Florida

Lola Wert lives in rural Lake County, Florida, with her husband, Tony. Writing stories and poems of encouragement has been an invaluable part of her life since early high school years. Choosing words to draw others to Christ has been her passion for many years as well. In addition to caring for their horses, cats, and Dachshund, Maggie, Lola and Tony Wert are very involved in the ministry of their local church and in the activities of their children and grandchildren.

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