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Apollo's Lights

Apollo's Lights
a novel
by Heather H. Baer

'The faces were all in shadow, the voices getting more strident with each word. My heart pounded in my chest. 'This has gone far enough,' a calm voice spoke. 'It stops here.' Shifting dark figures oozed away from the wall. 'I don't think so, my friend,' another man's cold voice retorted. I shivered. The shadows crept toward him. 'You'll never get away with this!' The man's slow, agonized moans pierced the night. Someone screamed...

The scream was mine.'

I never thought my eighteenth birthday would change my life so drastically. When Blair transferred to Enterprise for his senior year, I thought nothing of it. When I started having headaches all the time, I just assumed it was due to the nightmares I'd been having. My life was just normal. There was nothing special or unusual, or so I thought.

What I've discovered is that I have a gift: I can hear others' thoughts, and what's more, I can feel them---their pain and their joy. I can make them feel what I feel. I can see into the future. Blair is also clairvoyant; he's my guide. He tells me I, as well as all clairvoyants, have an obligation to use my gift for good.

My father was gifted too. But there are those out there who want to use our gifts for evil purposes. They murdered my father, and I have an obligation to my father: I will find who killed him and stop them.

This is the most difficult thing I've ever done. But I won't be alone. Blair and I are in this together---forever.

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