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Simply Raymond

Simply Raymond
by Raymond Coats Sr.

Inspired by and comparable to David Ruffin, Teddy Pendergras, Otis Redding and the widely known Bobby Womack, Raymond Coats, Sr. is a singer/songwriter who combines old-school soul and authentic sounds with his soulful voice to give his newest album, Simply Raymond, a uniqueness that will touch the life and hearts of many with his old-school message "Let's Go Back To Love."

  1. Just Like Me, They long To Be Close To You
  2. Nobody Better
  3. The Love We'll Share
  4. Ladies In The Night
  5. Stay In My Heart
  6. It's A Party Night
  7. Wrapped In Your Love
  8. Statue Of A Man
  9. Everytime She Cries
  10. Make Your Play

$13.99 (music CD)

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