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by Wade Lammon

Wade Lammon's new album, Reflections, is inspired by the memory of a beloved son and other life trials and hardships. Reflections will bring to new light the joy and strength of the Christian's walk with Christ.

  1. Cast Away
  2. Guide Me Home
  3. Reflections
  4. Mend My Broken Heart
  5. Oh So Worthy
  6. My God
  7. What Would Jesus Do
  8. The Curtains Will Fall

$13.99 (music CD)

This music project is also available for purchase as a digital download.

Welcome to the world of digital downloads where instead of receiving a physical CD package in the mail, you will receive access to the audio files for this complete music project. Within minutes you can be listening to your music on your computer or a portable music player such as Apple's popular iPod, all at a reduced cost! Click the "Order Online" button below to purchase this digital download today!

$9.99 (digital download)

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