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  • The Life Boat

    The Life Boat
    One man's journey with mental illness
    by Mike Addison

    "Rejoice in the hope of finding some normalcy in an otherwise chaotic existence and join author Mike Addison in "The Life Boat: one man's journey with mental illness.""

    $11.99 (paperback)

  • Redeemer (The Power & The Glory) Songbook 1

    Redeemer (The Power & The Glory) Songbook 1
    by Dotun Adelekan

    "The growing importance of music in worship necessitated the write-up of this piece of music for use in love, faith and hope for churches, school choirs/bands, institutions of higher learning and families worldwide."

    $74.99 (paperback)

  • Toxicity

    by Ken Aden

    "he majority of churches in America today have become self-absorbed, focused on the pursuit of money versus meeting the actual compassionate needs of people who walk through the front doors. The "prosperity gospel" is rampant and the correct teachings of the Bible are often traded for a feel good message that leaves many people spiritually thirsty. "

    $14.99 (paperback)

  • The Human Factor in Leadership Effectiveness

    The Human Factor in Leadership Effectiveness
    by Senyo Adjibolosoo

    "Thorough approach to principles of leadership. What effective leaders do, how they think, what role integrity plays; along with unique new tools of measurement: the individual's Map of Being, and the FEET principle for leadership and management."

    $19.95 (paperback)

  • Adopted: A Born President

    Adopted: A Born President
    by Rexi Adjorlolo

    "His parents abandoned him just a few minutes after he was born. He was discovered and adopted by a couple who gave him a good home and good principles. They named him Pete."

    $19.99 (paperback)

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