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  • We Are Fishers of Men

    We Are Fishers of Men
    The Power Within
    by Brenda Bell

    "Join this master class on evangelism taught by Jesus himself. You'll discover that we are called to a higher purpose on this earth'"We Are Fishers of Men.""

    $12.99 (paperback)

  • We Were Made to Shine

    We Were Made to Shine
    Words of Healing & Change
    by Crystal Bell

    "Have you stopped being productive and started feeling stagnant? Do you feel stuck in your current circumstances? "We Were Made to Shine" is a collection of poems that will inspire readers to choose change and leave heartache, pain, and fear behind. Each of us goes through difficult circumstances in life, but the important thing is not what we go through, but how we see ourselves during the process. We can play the role of victim, letting our pain control us, or we can be overcomers, walking out of the pain and getting stronger because of it."

    $13.99 (paperback)

  • Lord of the Codes

    Lord of the Codes
    by David Douglas Bell

    "The Lord has revealed Himself to mankind in many ways---through visions, as a burning bush, and through His Son. Now He's revealing Himself through codes."

    $16.99 (paperback)

  • Woman, Can I Tell You Why?

    Woman, Can I Tell You Why?
    by Harlon Bell

    More information will be available soon.

    $29.99 (paperback)

  • A Place of Abundance

    A Place of Abundance
    A Novel
    by Julie Bell

    "'Look!' a voice in the train car rang out. Richard looked out the window to see five horses riding alongside the train. Richard heard the sound of guns fired and slid his eyes shut. His last thought was of home."

    $15.99 (paperback)

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